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I have a 2001 Ford Taurus, Today while driving in the rain my car started flashing the theft light and then it stalled and just cut off. The steering wheel locked and the brakes did also. After I sat for a little while it cranked back up, I made a little bit down the road and when it got to another stop light it cut off. Well I left it parked for a good 8hours and tried it again and about 20min later it did the same what could be the problem..please tell me. someone told me it could be electric

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Yes, it's definitely an electrical issue somewhere in the theft system. This can include anything from the ignition cylinder, security sensor or module, or the wiring to those units. Since the theft light did come on, there would have been a trouble code set in the system. This can be retrieved by getting the car scanned for codes.

You might want to take it to a shop or dealer that has a good scanner, as your local auto parts store will not be able to scan the body control systems on your car, but only check for engine codes. I've seen many times where someone takes their vehicle to Autozone or Pep Boys to get a free scan of the car only to have them tell you that you have no codes at all, when you really do.

When you have an issue like you are experiencing with the theft system on your Taurus, your best bet is the dealership.

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I had the same exact problem it was raining I was driving down the road my car was stalling are hesitating a little bit I look at the dashboard I see the anti-theft light flashing and my car died now I'm on side the road right now and my car will not start

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