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what are the known fixes for the GMC vacuum pressure problem as it relates to the ignition system
for a 98 olds intrigue v6? (or relates to any other problem)

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why are you asking about engine vacuum? Do you have abnormal vacuum? What is your engine vacuum doing that makes you question it's relationship with the ignition system?

engine vacuum is caused by the downward movement of the piston with the intake valve open. this causes a loss of pressure that we call vacuum. Each cylinder should pull an equal amount of vacuum as the engine spins. when the engine starts and is running the individual cylinders are moving so fast that you individual pulses will seem to overlap so the you will get a steady vacuum reading of 17 to 20. If while the engine is running you have a vacuum reading that has a needle that is jumping around or shaking badly then you should look for a problem in the individual cylinders. Compression, rings, valves... a misfire will cause the engine to move slower during that cylinders firing and could show a jumpy needle also.

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