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Hi folks brand new here. I've got a weird situation with my buddies 02 silverado 2wd. It seems his engine/tranny slid back(?) against his fire wall. It looks fine under the hood to me as far as position except the passenger side rear spark plug wire is definitely touching fire wall. Then again, I'm not real familiar with this truck so I have no point of reference. He was getting on the freeway at about 35mph when he heard a thud and pulled over. He was able to limp it along home but tranny makes noise at above 25 - 30 mph. as well he now has no reverse. I looked under the rear cross member where the tranny mount is bolted to xmember and the washer seems to have moved back about 3/8". I jacked up the truck and then put a jack (carefully) under the engine to see if the rubber on the front mounts had seperated and had caused the engine/tranny to move but both sides seemed ok. The driver side did look separate but when jacking under engine, the whole front end lifted, telling me that the rubber hadn't separated. Also, the u joint had a dab tranny fluid on it. So, uhhhhhh? Anyone?

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The number 8 spark plug wire does just about hit the firewall, so that is normal. There is no way the engine and trans can slide back. If an engine mount was broke, the torque would just cause the engine to move upward. The way the mounts and brackets are, it cannot slide back- impossible.

With no reverse and the transmission having a noise, something broke inside. If you pull the pan down you will probably see metal pieces. Sounds like the trans I going to have to come out for repairs.

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