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I have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado I bought at the end of September and if has been running great, til last night. I got in it to head to work, I started it up, and the idle was REALLY rough, I turned off the motor, gave it a moment and started it up again. This time the idle was really fairly smooth, but the check engine light was on, not flashing, just on steady. The idle was only at between 500 and 600 rpm. I got to work, did my shift and this morning when I started it up, it was just slightly rough and the idle was fine at about 750 rpm. I got home, parked, turned it off, came up to my computer in the apartment, did some searching on the subject and saw something about some part places having the scanners to diagnose possible troubles. I went back out to the truck, inserted the key, and she cranked away, but wont start. she's got 3/4 tank of gas. Any idea's? Similar experiences???

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Yes, the first thing you need to do is get the computer scanned for codes since the engine light is / was on. Most of the large national parts store chains will do this for free. The problem is that now your truck won't start, so you can't get there. My gut is telling me you may have a fuel pump that has gone bad. This would explain the running bad, and now not starting. But, that will not usually cause a check engine light, but it can just because the way it was running.

You need to have the fuel pressure checked. It MUST be at least 55 PSI. Or try having someone crank the engine while you band on the center bottom of the fuel tank. This will sometimes free up a stuck fuel pump enough to get it running, but it may not start again the next time.

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Thanks for the info, however, found out what was going on, it was nothing that went bad persay, it was that a squirrel had gotten into the engine compartment and chewed thru a wiring harness.... so 350$ later, it's fixed :-) YAY!!!!

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