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I have a 01 pontiac grand prix .1st thing the car sometimes wont shift out of park cause the light on the dash isnt lite up.p,r,n,d,1,2,its a little red light that shows what gear u r in.if u bang on the key enough it lites up and your good until u shut it off again and after u shut it off u can get the key out.the 2nd issue is while driving sometimes it just shuts off.can someone shed some light on this for me? i was told it could be the brake/transaxle shift interlock solenoid (btsi) is this true.

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The not coming out of gear may be related to the brakes shift interlock. Had a few where the solenoid in the shift consule was bad and not sending enough voltage to unlock the plunger in the column- which is blow the key. This would not cause the stalling out. Banging on the key may be related to both problems.
the key goes into the ignition cylinder, the cylinder goes in to the ignition switch. The ignition sitch fees power to many of the cars systems, including the shift lock, dash display, and engine electrcal system. The ignition switch may be all the problems.

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front wobble driver side wheel moves up and down when i shake it ??

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bad wheel bearing or ball joints can let the wheel wobble up and down when you shake it. to check where the wobble is coming from you would need one person to shake the wheel while the other person looks to see where the movement is coming from.

whatever you do, do it safely. If you jack the vehicle up make sure that you have jack stands under the vehicle in case the jack fails. It does happen. Don't get caught underneath the vehicle

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