2003 Chevy Silverado.
V-8, 6.0L.
Warning lights: Engine light and "Reduced Engine Power".
GM Computer codes = DTC P1516
Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) Module Throttle Actuator
Position Performance.
Question: Based on the trouble code (P1516), is this anything I can fix?  Is there a web site that
shows photos of how to do this.

This is a fairly easy fix, although not cheap, unfortunately. The trouble code you have set is due to a
problem with the Throttle Body on the intake manifold. It is an electronic unit and not cable driven.
There is a solenoid/actuator inside which is what opens and closes the throttle body when you push
on the gas pedal. When there is a mismatch between how much you are pressing the gas pedal and
the actual angle of the throttle blade, you will set a DTC P1516. The fix for this is to replace the
Throttle Body Assembly, and don't forget a new gasket as well. Be sure and check the wiring at the
connector for loose terminals, bad connections, or broken wires...this could cause a problem as well,
and I believe there is a GM bulletin about it.
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