Newest Chevrolet Silverado Questions And Answers

2012 Canyon 3700 Vortec

What would cause less fuel mileage? I have a 2012 Canyon with the 3700 Vortec engine. I have noticed that I used to get very good mileage and now it seems that it has gone way down. No engine light has come on, the smell of gas comes in the cab when first started. I have sent it to the dealer and they say that there is nothing wrong with the mileage but I know different. They think the mileage is normal. They can't read with the computer because no light has come on. I used to be able to go up to the cottage and about a quarter of the way back on a tank. The cottage is about 515km (roughly 300m) and the tank is about 66L (roughly 20gal), so about 640kms (roughly 375m) I used to get. Now I only get about about 380kms (roughly 220m) on a tank. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Also what should my rpm's be at when running on the highway anywhere from 100 - 120kms (60 - 80ms)?

Re: chevy silverado misfire pulling heavy load

I have 4.3 V6 motor. I haven't heard of a crank relearn.

94 chevy k1500 running issues

got a mechanical question for you, got a 94 chevy k1500 with a 5.7 v8 with throttle body injection, boggs down at stops and when accelerating basically anytime there is a load on the engine, fine when in park or neutral, replaced spark plugs, wires, coil, air and fuel filter, oil change, and idle air control valve. still does it not as bad but still does it, there is no cat to get clogged but the muffler does have a hole in it

08 Silverado V8 4.8L

I just had some warranty work done on my truck. I had to change the throttle body sensor and the evap sensor. As I was pulling out of the dealer the engine light came on again, turned around and got them to check the code. The mechanic showed me the computer and it said that piston 8 is misfiring. He suggested changing the plugs first and see if that fixes the problem. He also said that if that doesn't work than change the wires, if that doesn't work than the problem is deaper. Do I trust this guy and start with plugs or could it be something else wrong? Also what would be the side effects of letting this go too long?

transmission adjustment

tv cable adjustment for a "89" silverado 5.7l ?

1993 silverado rear lights

I was driving home other night in the snow when all the rear lights in my 1993 chevy silverado just stopped working my father checked fuses and looked at wire couldn't see a reason why this would have happend. desprately need it fixed

Bad Driver's Door Module???

For the past few weeks, when the temperatures have been in the single digits, my key fob would not actuate the door lock on the driver's door. Once temps warmed up a bit,
it worked. This past Friday as I was driving to work, nothing at the module worked; locks, windows, mirror, etc., and hasn't since.

I pulled the module and attempted to test for power. I am getting battery voltage at the 4-wire connector toward the front of the module, at the orange wire (#2) and have
continuity between ground and the black wire (#4).


Because of the size of the wires, I have to assume this is the connector I should be checking, prior to replacing the module. Am I correct?

Any help is deeply appreciated.

takes 3 time to turn over before it will crank

I have a 2000 Chevy 1500 truck runs great it just take 3 times turning it over before it will crack have know idea what it could be

94 chevy silverado 5.7l runs then dies

It will start and idle or run for a few minutes then die and not restart for hours.

94 Chevy 1500 leaking and won't stay cranked

My 94 Chevy is leaking oil in it looks like 4 different places. I have oil under my truck and behind the passenger front tire. Its been idleing bad and when I am stopped and start to push the gas it jerks when it takes off a few times. It has a hard time gassing up hills and acts like it doesn't want to go at first when I press the gas pedal. If i push the break or let off the gas for a little bit, it automatically dies. And takes about two to three times to get it back cranked and I immediately have to press the gas to keep it running. There is also a rattling noise under the hood when I am pressing the gas but immediately stops when I take my foot off the pedal. Can anyone tell me what the problem may be?

84 Chevy ck1500 will start but not idle or drive.

I have a 84 Chevy 4x4 with a 350. It will start but no idle or drive. I have replaced all most everything but the motor and tranny. help don't wanna sell her. Thx Cheyenne. :cry:

engine/tranny moved back, now no reverse and tranny noise

Hi folks brand new here. I've got a weird situation with my buddies 02 silverado 2wd. It seems his engine/tranny slid back(?) against his fire wall. It looks fine under the hood to me as far as position except the passenger side rear spark plug wire is definitely touching fire wall. Then again, I'm not real familiar with this truck so I have no point of reference. He was getting on the freeway at about 35mph when he heard a thud and pulled over. He was able to limp it along home but tranny makes noise at above 25 - 30 mph. as well he now has no reverse. I looked under the rear cross member where the tranny mount is bolted to xmember and the washer seems to have moved back about 3/8". I jacked up the truck and then put a jack (carefully) under the engine to see if the rubber on the front mounts had seperated and had caused the engine/tranny to move but both sides seemed ok. The driver side did look separate but when jacking under engine, the whole front end lifted, telling me that the rubber hadn't separated. Also, the u joint had a dab tranny fluid on it. So, uhhhhhh? Anyone?

Idle troubles, check engine light and cranks but wont start

I have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado I bought at the end of September and if has been running great, til last night. I got in it to head to work, I started it up, and the idle was REALLY rough, I turned off the motor, gave it a moment and started it up again. This time the idle was really fairly smooth, but the check engine light was on, not flashing, just on steady. The idle was only at between 500 and 600 rpm. I got to work, did my shift and this morning when I started it up, it was just slightly rough and the idle was fine at about 750 rpm. I got home, parked, turned it off, came up to my computer in the apartment, did some searching on the subject and saw something about some part places having the scanners to diagnose possible troubles. I went back out to the truck, inserted the key, and she cranked away, but wont start. she's got 3/4 tank of gas. Any idea's? Similar experiences???

97 Silverado after misstart will not start at all

My 97 will not start if after trying to start I let the key return before it starts, once doing so all it will do is just crank and crank with no sign of starting. The check engine light will come on. Disconnecting the battery for several days (4) it started once connected again, the time before it was close to a month. Thanks for any help

2003 4.8 Vortec Engine Left Bank

Ok I have a 4.8 vortec left bank is not fireing I changed wirers plugs pulled injectors and cleaned them I checked volts on injector plug 7.8 I have good spark and compression now what. This is a 2003 chevy 1500. I did not check fuel pressure but when I pushed in where gauge hooks up it blew out off there heavy.

2002 Silverado 2500 Reverse quits working after heating up

I just bought a 2002 Silverado 2500 and after I drive it a few miles the Reverse quits working. I can let the truck sit about 10 minutes and Reverse will work again, until it is driven again for a few miles. Could this be a sensor or ??????

Re: 1997 chevy 1500 cranks for two seconds

scrap it and go buy a FORD :lol:

94 chevrolet silverado tbi problem with exessive fuel, timin

Rebuilt throttle body, previous mech, did not solve problem, excesive fuel and failure to advance timing are causing engine to backfire also I need to verify firing order .

1999 Chevy Silverado Radio noise

I'm having trouble with interference on AM stations only. Suggestions? Solutions?

Re: 2003 Silverado Instrument Cluster lights and gauges

you're going to need to scan your instrument cluster. there have been instances where the wire harness out in the hood area rubs through. Also there are times where the soldered pin on the circuit board breaks loose. But by scanning the cluster you can see what the reading are doing.

chevy 1991 c1500 doesn't want to idle when warm

I have a 1991 chevy c 1500 with a 305 engine it will start and idle great when cold as it warms up it will stall if i disconnect the water sensor it goes back to high idle like its cold i changed the sensor but it still does the same thing what else can i try

Re: 90 chevy silverado dies when i floor it

high idle could be from a couple of things, coolant temp sensor reading too cold or it could be a vacuum leak. there may be other things but I would look at those two first. Either one could also affect smog inspection. Why didn't you say what your truck was failed for? High hydrocarbons? High CO? of what does your state look at for to pass?

Fuel pressure and volume could be a possibility. Hows the O2 sensor trims? LT (long term) and ST (short term) fuel trims will tell you how the exhaust gases are being interpreted by your computer and in effect how your computer feeds your engine.

If your service engine light came on you should have your truck scanned to see what the code or codes are and go from there.

93 Chevy PU keeps getting a check engine light for faulty O2

I have a 93 chevy C1500 with TBI. While driving check engine light comes on. Until the code is erased, idle engine speed fluctuates and eventually shuts off. The code says bad O2 sensor. Don't believe this is the problem since I've replaced it twice. Also, the fuel pump has been replaced twice, plugs, wires, distributor cap rotter and coil, EGR valve, MAP sensor, TP Sensor, cleaned off all engine grounds and none of that fixed the problem. Any other suggestions?

Re: Silverado instrument cluster panel lighting

does it go bright and dim with the engine rpm? Or when you are driving at a steady speed it does it? Does it still do it if the lights are on and the engine is not running? Trying to see if it tied to the alternator output or if there is a draw in the circuit.

A year of the truck would determine what kind of instrument cluster and lights you have.

Cluster gauge Chevy 1500 problem

My 95 1500 Chevy is having problem. The air bag light comes on when I accelerate, the battery gauge on the instrumen cluster maxes out, the interior and exterio lights get brighter when I accelerate. Also, their is a wining noise that comes from the alternato when I press on the accelerato. Does anyone have a clue of what this could be?

Re: Chevy Silverado Computer Swap


Re: 1991 2500 won't turn over

did you check and clean your battery cable connections?

Re: 99 running rough until i hit 2000 rpms

any codes stored in memory? Freeze frame? have you looked for misfires with a scanner? What are your fuel trims? how's your fuel pressure regulator? check it for a leak to vacuum?

Truck in Limp Mode

2004 Chevy Silverado stuck in Limp Mode. I have replaced 1/2 and 2/3 relays and still have problem. What should I check now? Had codes of P0300 and P0753.

96 z71 trans problem

I have a 96 z71 it ran good until it was envoled in a wreck on driver side now just test drove it first time after i fixed it and the trans is acting up shifts in to 1/2 but 2/3 shifts hard and it shifted into overdrive once but it went right back out. Now it wont shift into overdrive had to do some heavy fixing replaced the driver finder, hood, grill, headlights, interfinder well, radiator, clutch fan, and radiator support and driver door. What is worng with my truck?

Re: '89 Silverado power loss

this is a tough one. Intermittent power loss could be a bunch of different things. electrical, mechanical, fuel pressure... you will need to have the problem happen while you have a scanner or an electrical circuit tester box attached to see what happens when the problem occurs.

Re: 2004 Chevy Silverado

check for codes to see what the computers are looking for. Ecm, Bcm, Abs.

99 silverado z71, driver side rear wheel is locked up

I have a 99 silverado z71, noticed a squeaking noise from what i thought was the brakes, replaced all the pads, and noticed my drivers side rear wheel is locked up. Any ideas what the issue is

98 Chevy 2500 Z71 Lost All Gears

hey guys, i have a 98 2500 Z71 that is having some issues. it started a few months ago when i was helping a buddy move. at first the tranny would shift outta od all on its own. this lasted a couple months. then while i was headed home with my buddies stuff i lost all gears. the sound that came from the drivetrain was a sound like it got put in park while the truck was still moving. like i said i lost all gears and it has got me puzzled. any ideas thoughts or comments would be great. my tranny is 4L80E with a np 241c t-case.

Re: 2002 Chevy avalanche 5.3 Stalls when you turn steering w

throttle body coking can cause this. there is a reflash TSB that may affect this driveability problem too. tsb#03-06-04-057 (reflash)

Re: 2000 chevy 3500 5.7 won't crank

Put a socket and ratchet on the crank bolt in the center of the harmonic balancer and turn the engine over. NOT TO START THE ENGINE but to see if the engine is froze up. If the motor won't turn over remove all the spark plugs and then try it again. Check to see if you have a hydrostatic lock in a cylinder. Be careful. May be coolant, may be fuel. If you have a cylinder full of a liquid it will be pushed out the spark plug hole and let you turn the engine. if the engine still doesn't turn with all the spark plugs out you may want to call your supplier.

How did you know you had an air pocket in the cooling system?

Re: 2000 chevy silverado engine knock trans stuck

have you talked with the repair place that did your heads? Did you have a shop work on it or just some mechanic? If you have a problem with a lifter or a rocker arm that may be ca contributing factor to and engine miss. Any engine miss will affect your oxygen sensor readings. If your SES (service engine soon) light comes on it may put your vehicle in limp mode and make your transmission stay in second gear. Your gauges not working may also put you into limp mode. Some things may be related but it's also possible that you have a separate problem for each defect. Talk to the shop about the engine noise. Scan for all the codes that are stored and start from there.

Why does my parking break light keep coming on while driving

So I just changed my rear drum brakes myself for the first time. Anyways at first I noticed a grinding noise. After I took the tire off to check what it was one of the springs came off holding the metal aduster. Anyway I put the tire back on and now its making another noise from the same side Im not sure if it has anything to do with the light being on.

What I can tell you about the parking light being on is it comes on when I start driving and when I come to a complete stop it goes off. Sometimes it stays off for awhile.

Also I my dad helped me change the front disc brakes 2 months ago they are fine. I got a brake inspection done on my truck the abs light was on and 2 abs sensors need to be replaced as well as the master cylinder. I just barely finished replacing the master cylinder. I dont think any of these things has anything to do with the parking light being on though.

Chevy Silverado ac light

I have a 1993 chevy silveroldo their is a warning light on the dash for the ac .

Re: 2006 silverado will not go in drive

Sounds like something broke inside the transmission. A pop sound is never good. There is nothing like a simple shift solenoid that can cause the problem you are having. There is an internal problem inside the transmission.

Re: a/c stays cool

If all the components are new and functional, it really could only be a couple different things. First off, and most common would be an incorrect amount of refrigerant in the a/c system. You should really double check that with an air conditioning recovery/recharge machine. Trusting the amount in a can of refrigerant or a quick charge kit is very unreliable.

Another possibility is a partially clogged evaporator core. If you've had any issues in the past with the system, or compressor issues, metal can get into the system and settle in the evaporator and/or accumulator and affect performance. Also check to make sure the cooling fan is working properly. If it isn't, it won't provide enough air across the condenser to cool the high side charge. A symptom of this would be warmer air at idle, but a cooler air as you drive the truck.

Lastly, it could be a problem in the heater case itself such as a temp door and not letting all the cool air get to the proper place. This probably is least likely to be your issue if the low side line is only cool to the touch as you say. That really means you most likely have an issue with the components or the charge.

Re: How to find truck gear ratio

Your truck was available with about 5 different gear ratios, so there is NO guessing that's going to help you. If you don't have any documentation with the options for the truck, you're basically going to be left having the count the teeth on the ring and pinion.

If you choose to do that...count the teeth on both the ring and pinion gears and then divide the pinion number in the ring gear number to get your ratio.

For example: Pinion teeth = 11 Ring Gear teeth = 45 would be 45 divided by 11 = 4.09 gear ratio (would round up to a 4.10)

Re: 94 chevy starts than dies

Well, you really to get a gauge to test fuel pressure to be sure whether that is an issue or not. The fuel spray from the injector not being uniform is no big deal and not a correct way to try and diagnose a problem. Check for any vacuum leaks or other issues that cause starting problems or would add/take away fuel and air from the mixture. Throttle body gaskets are known for cracking and sucking air. Injectors have been known to become faulty. You really need a proper fuel pressure reading and then go from there.

Re: Silverado shakes and sputters at low speeds

Could be a low rpm misfire or other engine/fuel/ignition issue. I've seen burned valves cause a rough idle/low speed running and then be fine once you are on the gas. That would require some investigation, though, such as a compression check. Possibly a tune up is in order? Check fuel pressure and if there are any restrictions like a clogged fuel filter. Have any repairs been made recently?

hot fuel module

What is a hot fuel module on a Chevy Silverado and where is it located so I can replace it.



Having a Rear End problem- Silverado

I have a 2004 chevy Silverado and I have a roaring in the rear end. The first thought came to mind was that the rear bearings was going bad but I also thought that it would be unusual for a truck of this age to have the bearings go bad. I guess I should add; I have just over 64,000 miles on the odometer. What the possibilities? Or What could be happening?

Re: Truck idle high after throttle cleaning code P0121

This sometimes happens after a throttle bore cleaning due to the idle position that the computer has learned is now not correct. As the throttle builds up carbon deposits, the computer will re-calculate the idle position so it can get the appropriate amount of air to the engine. After a good cleaning, the old idle position is basically letting in too much air, hence the high idle.

What needs to be done is an idle learn reset, but this will require a scan tool. Sometimes driving it for a while, even up to a few hours, the idle will eventually relearn on it's own.

A few instances, which I've seen myself, the computer can't seem to compensate properly and needs to be reprogrammed to correct the issue. This again would require a scan tool and your local GM dealership.

Take it for a long drive, some highway and some stop and go driving. If this doesn't help, you'll need to either get the idle reset, or the computer reprogrammed.

Possible Sierra bad computer

i have a 1996 chevy Sierra with a set of 305 heads and intake manifold stacked on a 350 all vortec.I started having trouble,when the original 305 went bad with codes popping up ,that didn t make sense. is it possible that my computer has failed on me ,i cant make the godes stop. so do i need to replace my computer.

Silverado Fuel Pump Or Module Replacement

I need to replace the fuel pump in a 1998 silverado with a 5.7. I'm confused as I see only modules listed. Do these include the fuel pump? Also, can I find out which pump I need without taking out the old pump first?

Back wheel move in and out

I have a 2006 Chevy I jacked back wheel up and I can move the wheel in and out about a 1/4 inch. Is this the bearing or axle one guy said it was alright to do that. Let me know ASAP thanks James

2001 Chevy Silverado 1500

Just got it up and running not to long ago, and I turned the heat on because it is cold outside and it just makes this loud viberating noise? I dont know much about cars, but I work on my own all the time and learn new things. So if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks.

oxygen sensor help 2004 gmc envoy

after change the daunstream oxigen sensor still show me code po141 what can be wrong?

2007 silverado starting problem

Heres my problem. Most of the time when I try to start my truck it. Wont turn over. If I leave the key on the head lights flash and click. This will go on anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour. Then the door looks will click the headlights stop flashing and the dome light comes on. Then it will start up?? I was also able to remove the key from the ignition while it was running.. The dealer thought it was a ignition problem and sold me a new ignition switch, a key lock cylinder and a case. I installed them last nite and I still have the same problem.... any ideas?? Thanks, Chad

Need answer ASAP please

When I order a transmission for my truck do I go by the vin year model or by the sticker year model vin is an r and sticker says 96?

My truck will only drive in first & second gear, and reverse

My 2003 chevy silverado was stuck in snowbank, I shifted into neutral and dropped it into 4 high. When I shifted back to drive the engine reeves as if in neutral. The truck will only drive in 1 gear 2 gear and reverse. What could my problem be?

2003 silverado ss brake issue

I hit a curb with my drivers side rear tire while drifting. It broke the rim and now the break pedal goes to the floor. There are no fluid leaks. They have been bled and I have checked the booster. The axle could be bent but thought that would cause pulsation. Is it possible the rotor was forced into the caliper pushing fluid back to the master cylinder blowing a seal. Any thoughts?

chevy truck brakes lock up

My truck abs light has been on and my breaks feel like they lock up every so often. I put new breaks and hubs. Not sure what else to do.

Strange Dash Light on 2005 Chevy 2500HD

I have an 05 2500HD crew cab and there is a light behind the dash just to the right of the Brake indicator. It stays dimly lit even when the vehicle is off which drains the battery if not run regularly. The bulb appears to not be behind any of the indicator templates. The light does not flash nor does it change intensity. Any ideas?

Belt keeps coming off my Chevy Truck

I have 1994 chevy k1500 the belt came off of it replaced it and it still kept coming off. i noticed that the tensioner was cracked and i replaced that as well still same results.

It seems to either the belt is walking off. I spun each pulley by hand they seem to spin freely what could cause this and how do i fix it? I have done nothing to the truck before it starting doing it.

Service brakes light on after sensor replaced

have just replaced speed senors on a 2007 chevy 1/2 tone 4x4. bought them from Auto zone. Now I have a service brakes light on. Whats up with that? No lights before this. Went back to Auto Zone and they say no info is gathered. What should I do? Rechecked part # and they are right.

04 Chevy big block weird running problem

I got a 04 2500hd with the 8.1l motor. I had to replace the motor because the old motor was ran with no oil. I had it running great and put about 500 miles on the new motor. It was running great and I got up to go to school the next morning and went out to start it. it started fine and I went back inside for ten minutes and when I came back out it was idling rough, the check engine light started flashing so I didn't drive it that day. I ended up reading the codes from the computer and it was saying that cylinder 7 and 8 were miss firing at the same exact time I tested pressure and everything like that. then while trying to rev it a big clunking noise started like the timing was off. it also wouldn't rev above 3000rpm. it would just totally max out at that. what I don't understand is that I had it running great for about 500 miles before all this happened...I am extremely stumped and would like some advice. thanks

Chevy truck must turn key several times to start

I have a 2002 Chevy silverado and it won't turn over when I turn the key, somtimes it will start other times I have to just turn the key on and off.

1995 chevy silverado wont idle and stalls when stopping

i have a 1995 silverado 5.7liter 350 engine, i replaced the motor,the other motor had 225,000plus miles. after replacing the motor it will not idle,and stalls out when stopping, also noticed that the motor surges, when applying the throttle it will rev up,but it will try to die off unless you let off accelerator a little and reapply. I had a trouble code of # 22 t.p.s, I replaced the throttle position sensor, m.a.p sensor, and the idle air control sensor,however i am still having the problem, it is throttle body injected, and there arent any other codes showing up.
Any help would be much appreciated.


1989 silverado running problems - high idle

my 1989 silverado 305 has 383,000 km's on it and it starts up fine but it idles high and low and it fluctuates when it is just sitting there, when you put it in to gear it goes into a low idle and stalls.
any help would be greatly appreciated :D

Chevy truck ABS brakes activate at slow speed driving

2007 chevy ext. cab 4x4. ABS brakes apply sometimes when coming to a stop sign. condition are dry. They activate when almost stopped. pedal goes down a little and noise of ABS is heard. Truck does stop with out problems. Does not happen on hard braking. Have not had it happen when braking at a fast MPH. Just right before your completely stopped. No lights are on.

00 1500 starts but wont stay running

truck sat for over a month without starting, has been very cold! we changed the starter and battery added gas and stabilizer, vehicle now starts but only for a sec or 2, push the gas it makes a vac sound and shuts down. very unclear why it doesnt start! is it just cold? also tried starting fluid had no effect still kept shutting down??? Please help??

Outside Ambient Air Temp Sensor

The fault code on the check eng light comes up as bad sensor. I have been told and seen a diagram of where its suppose to be at in the grill. IT IS NOT THERE!. Is it possible to be getting a bad reading or maybe its located somewhere else and if it is a bad reading what should I look for next?

the only code is p0300

i have a 97 silverado with the 5.7 tbi. i have had a small miss for about a year now and the truck has been hard to start ( 3-5 seconds ave crank) i have had a rare back fire only on start up . i have replaced plugs, wires. rotor and cap. a new tps and fuel pump. the truck just died right after i started driving the other day and has hissed and bogged and back fired but not started ever since. rotor is spinnig and with # 1 at tdc is pointing at # 1 on cap. the coil has bright blue loud spark. all cly have faint or very faint orange spark except # 3( strong) . i am totaly lost. any ideas? :?:

2005 chevy 1500 single cab

I was wonting to no if you can put a 2010 or a 2011 cab and front end on a 2005 frame.

Chevy Truck only starts with stating fluid spray

I have a 1988 Chevrolet c1500 pickup, 5.0Liter V-8 305 and It will not start without starting fluid. It has the following new parts: Ignition Control Module, Cap/Rotor, Spark Plugs, Fuel Pump (Now has an Inline Pump mounted on the frame rail), Fuel Filter, Vacuum Lines, Throttle Body/Fuel Injectors, and all wiring and fuses have been checked. If I turn the key the truck with turn over very smoothly but will not start, however I can spray a small amount of fluid and it will.

1997 Chevy Truck has no power

1997 k1500 truck Engine size 350. O2 sensor code.
Replaced sensor checked fuel pressure and exhaust back pressure,replaced fuel filter and air filter.
At wide open the engine will not gain any RPM and it bogs down, if i ease up on the gas pedal it will shift and run like it should. i have had it to a repair shop but they couldn't fix it.

Chevy Silverado Check engine service light after oil change

I've got a check engine lite on a my Chevrolet Silverado after doing an oil change but it runs fine.

2006 or 1999 Silverado Starter

can i use a chevy silverado 2006 starter on a silverado 1999

1999 chevy silverado 5.3 vortec Idles too high

my sons truck,when he starts it up idles up so high its scary! it continues to idle way up then down till he takes off and when he does take off it leaves a huge rut in the yard from it. also when its running and he stops at a light or stop sign it continues to wanna kinda jump forward, he has to be really careful. we replaced the mass air flow sensor on it but it did no good. please help!

2003 Chevorlet Silverado 1500 LS 2WD QUESTION Rear Axle

Here is what happens when im driving down the road i hear this squeak squeak squeak squeak sound and im not pushing down on the brake neither the truck is not raddling like the bearing is bad or making that moning noise it just has a squeak that is not just one long squeak its one squeak and then 1 second later another squeak


2002 Chevy Silverado SIR system disable

I need to disable the SIR (airbag system) to replace some ignition parts in my 2000 Silverado. How do I do this? (step by step)

2002 work truck 6cyl wont start after sitting or rain

truck has 168k on it no issues really. After truck sits and when wet/rain doesn't want to start. Tried map sensor, fuel sensor. Sometimes smell fuel when cranking and wont start. Backfires and sometimes catches and runs. other times starts and runs no issues. sometimes cuts out but then runs fine.
Codes come up off and on as miss fire on cyl. but light goes away

1996 Chevy Silverado P0300 And P0154

i have a 1996 chevy silverado with a 305 i keep getting trouble codes of p0154 and p0300 what might be wrong?

2007 Chevy Silverado Idle Problems

I am having problems with my 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT 4x4 (New Body Style) V8 5.3...All of a sudden as I am driving on the street my truck accelerates on its own and the speedometer needle stays stuck on zero and the RPM's increases and if I hit the accelerator pedal the truck will even go super fas as if I had Turbo...The only way it will stop from doing this is if I stop and put it on park and then put it on drive again and then the truck is fine....It does this problem every once in a while but almost every day and there is not a check light at all....Can you help me?

1997 Chevy C1500 Power Steering Hard

My steering pump is messed up it is making my steering wheel a lot harder to turn every morning to go to work. I't worked when i got the truck in March 2012 but its had a lot of problems like the alternator had to be changed the engine was all messed up the battery had to be jumped every morning but im focusing on the steering pump. Is there a way to fix it or do i have to buy a new one?? :?: :?:
:| :roll:

02 silverado service engine light- runs rough cold

2002 silverado only when its cold outside runs rough when I first start it serv engine soon light stays on until it warms up outside only happens when it's cold outside

2003 Chevy Silverado Has No Heat- Just Blows Warm

I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 V8 single cab. My heat doesn't work. I know practically nothing about it either. The A/C works on all speeds and the blower works great. The air just does't get hot or even mildly warm. Going into winter, I need help ASAP.

2003 silverado shift problem

i lost 1st and 4th gear in my 03 1500 4.8 silverado, it has the 4l80e tranny with the 16 bolt pan. i checked the wireing going to the tranny, and all the fusses. i am going to replace all 4 controll solenoids, what do you think? the tranny has allso been makeing a loud buzzing sound for a long time now when its cold when you start it and when it shifts, any ideas?

2000 chevy 2500 fuel pump problem

I have a 2000 chevy 2500 with 6.0 v8 and i dont have power back to the fuel pump. Ive traced all the wires and they appear to be in good shape and all fuses are good as well. What should i check next?

Re: 1996 Chev 1500 engine issues

Sounds like the fuel pressure regulator (FPR) is leaking and causing it to be flooded.

water in gas on 2003 silverado

Got water in gas, changed filter and truck wont start

Re: transmission

[quote="Ste-vt2"]Please forgive the omission, It's a 6.0L Gas job with Auto trans...[/quote]
Update, Truck shifts fine when speedo works and trouble lights are out, Shifts agressive or not at all when speedo stops working and trouble lights come on. Happens whenever I coast and at random times. Doesn't seem to be related to bumps or rough road. Batterery terminals are tight and all wire connections seem to be fine. Fluid is good and dextron 3 was used...

brake and power steering issues

i am loosing power steering and power brakes at the same time. I have repaced all brakes the hydro boost and all power steering and brake fluids are full.

Re: temp sensor and snow plow

I know the ambient air temperature sensors are slow to adjust, but the plow does seem to be blocking airflow. I would suggest relocating it. It is just a 2 wire sensor. So relocate it where it will get air, and splice in 2 wires lengths to accomodate the move.

1998 K1500 5.7 moving misfire

Misfire starts in cylinders 5 and 7. Moves to cylinder 6 then 4, 3 sometimes others with acceleration then almost dissappears at higher rpm. 172K new plugs and wires only code is 300

Re: Chevy Silverado starting issues

You have a fuel pump going out. This truck engine MUST have 55 PSI fuel pressure or the engine will not start. You can bang on the bottom of the fuel tank while it is not starting to confirm this, because many times the engine will start right up after that, or get a fuel pressure gauge on it to see if it shows less that 55 PSI. The fuel filter is most likely plugged too from debre from the fuel pump. Carbon buildup in the throtle plate can also cause this, but the pump is the most common.

Re: 1997 c1500 tranny stuck in 3rd gear

We have had ignition supply voltage problems. The pink wire at the trans connector. But this will usually cause other codes since this power feeds all the solenoids. The ignition switch in the column is usually to blame, or a broken / frayed wire going down to the transmission connector. Pull on the harnesses at the back of the motor. You would need to get under there and test for at least 12 volts at the tranmission connector.
If it is not an electical problem, then sounds like a valve body issue.

Re: 1993 5.7 will not stay running at idle dies after a few seco

Sounds like you have a very bad vacuum leak. Engines will not idle with a vacuum leak, but run fine when on the gas. Spray some brake fluid around. When you hit the vacuum leak, the RPM will jump. Be very carefull though, since brake fluid is very flamable. So if you hit anyting in the ignition system- coil, cap and rotor, plug wires- it WILL burst into flames !

2000 gm fuel question

i got a 2000 gm pick up with a vortec v8 in it , my float would only work sometimes so i pulled the float and changed it with the new pump and now the pump will not work either , i jumped the pump off the battery and it kicks on , but will not work when i install it in the fuel tank , im lost were to go from here , thanks if u can help

1995 chevy Silverado Speedometer And Tach

I have a 95 chev.pickup 1500 series 350 tack and speedometor and shift lite works sometime and then quits working? I had someone read the codes,it says check gages? I replaced a transmission snsor,that did not fix it?Any help appricated.jfw75839

Chevy Silverado Rear end gears question

I currently have a rear gear ratio 342 in my silverado. I am looking at upgrading to a 410 as i want more response out of the truck. I was wondering if I need to change out the front end gear out as well.

2010 silverado
4.8 l 4x4

Re: Heater core making noises

You can probably diagnose the location a little closer by getting a cheap mechanics stethascope (@$10 at some places) or a rubber hose put to your ear. Pick a part/place and have someone start it or shut it off. When you get to where the noise actually is coming from you'll hear it much clearer. You didn't mention though if your heater controls work through defrost to floor blowing air through the vents accordingly. I'm not sure about that year but some of the older ones used a water shut-off going into the cab- this could make a noise or two if the line was dis-lodged or loose because it would hit. If you can even narrow down the approx. location of the noise- it could save you a bunch in cash

2007 Silverado check engine light

Greetings. I recently replaced the battery in my truck. Now the check engine light is on. The truck drives ok, no problems. I checked the OBD2 for codes, but none came up. I'm not sure, but I vaguely recall encountering a similar situation with my 1996 S10 after swapping the battery. I believe at that time I just needed to drive the vehicle for a little while and it went out. Would this be the case for this truck?

Re: 94 chevy truck EGR Woes

Ok, So how do I find out if the chip in the ECM is wrong?