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2006 Chevy Malibu Maxx SS 3.9L V6

I have a p0402 code and my Emission 1 fuse keeps blowing

2001 chevy impala

My 2001chevy impala shut off while driving on the highway the gas just got hard so did the break as i was tryna pull over the steeling wheel got hard i manage to get to the the side n pull over i had somebody look at the car and also hooked up to a machine nothing is coming up what can i do ?

2007 chevy impala check engine lite? Back again:(

So this past weekend I pulled the oil pan from my 2007 chevy impala and changed the gas get due to it leaking! What a job that was. Got everything back together an in place no more leak also change a motor mount on the bottom of the motor took the vibration I was having away. Started the car drove fine next day the engine lite comes on and stays on had it scanned and it's putting off 5 different codes my problem is I'm loss with these coded don't think I have 5 different problems I'm guessing there all being put off for the same reason but who knows the codes are P0030,P0036,P0053,P0054,P0443. Any ideas an thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I can not afford to take it to a shop at this time! Thanks for taking the time to read!

2008 Chevy Malibu V6, 3.5 - Oil Sending Unit Location

Trying to locate an oil leak. Coming from near the oil filter. Trying to locate the oil sending unit to see if that's the source. Can not find the oil sensor. Where is it located?

Chevy Monte Carlo fuel pump stops

I have a 1998 monte carlo it runs good for days then fule pump stops working . I will let it sit for 2 or 3 hr and it will run agen. I have changed the relay and checked the fuses can it be the pump or some thing else.

Freeze Plug Location

Where are the freeze plugs located on my 2007 HHR? I want to install a freeze plug heater, and wanted to know what is involved in doing this?

99 malibu 3.1 good fuel pressure cranks but won't start

I changed the fuelpump and it started, but when i replaced the tank into the car it wouldn't start, only cranks... fuelpump is coming on and is reading 47psi as specified at autozone... but will not start. Theft system light is NOT flashing no check engine light... no kinked fuel lines and all good electrical connections. what is my problem?

2002 camaro won't start after belt failure

Driving down the Highway I had a belt failure with the belt wrapping itself around behind the crank pulley ( where the crank sensor is located) bummer. I replaced the belt from my emergency kit in the trunk but vehicle started then died. I had no fuel pressure at the shrader valve and the pump would not turn on when ignition on ( listened carefully). Had vehicle towed to home. I replaced the fuel pump and it energises properly when the ignition is turned on. By the way I replaced the fuses and relays even though they checked out because I wanted to be sure before I towed the vehicle. I replaced the oil pressure switch because I noticed that it would have been near the flailing belt. I also had unplugged the crank sensor and repaired the scrufffed wireing and then reconnected the harness to the crank sensor. This is acting like my old ford Taurus did when I had a fender bender but my Camaro does not have a fuel shutoff switch nor has one been installed aftermarket which I checked because I know they can be installed. Please don't tell me I have a bad crank sensor sice I replaced that when I overhauled the motor 6 months ago. please give me a simple fix because the engine does start when I spray some starting fluid in it.

p0401 chevy venture

I have had 2 ERG valve replace, map sensor, EVAP hose and P0401 keeps coming on. They have smoked it 3 times. Please can you advise what else they can check for?

2001 Chevy Malibu check engine code p0446

I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu. The gas gage and the temp gage both on the dash are not working. I also have the check engine light on. Got the code p0446. Not sure if all three are connected or not. Not sure what would cause the gas gsge not to work. That is the one thing I need to get fixed. Can someone please help with some information?

Re: EGR P0401 Low Flow

low flow does not mean the egr valve isn't working. It means the MAP sensor did not read the intake vacuum change it was looking for when the egr was commanded on. Here's on reason that may cause this problem. The PCV system will allow oil to be drawn up into the intake very close to the egr port in the intake. That oil, over time, will mix with exhaust soot and plug up the egr passages.

(example: removing throttle body and EGR valve will provide access to both ends of passageway. Removing vacuum tee at the top of intake will allow a straight line of access for cleaning with a long screwdriver etc. The crooked passage over to EGR was cleaned with a piece of speedometer cable or something flexible.)

2003 chevy impala

My 2003 chevy impala has l coolent leak near the fan belt. I can see a little hoes where it is leaking from. Can you give me any help as to what this is and how to make sure this is where its leaking from. Also if i can fix this myself or do i need to take it to someone.

chevy cavalier wont start

2003 chevy cavalier starts and stops in one or two sec. also instrument cluster not working.

car repair

I have a 2005 chevy malibu classic 2.2 eogotec 53,000 miles just started tapping check with GM Mecanic and was told most likely stuck lifter as it was back by power stering pump. Just shut off. wont restart. any help please.

what chevy would be approx. same as olds intrigue 1998 V6

I need parts for 1998 olds intrigue V6 that are no longer available so I need to know which Chevy would be approx., the same? thanks!

"94"Camaro 3400 v-6

How do I check to make sure the engine hasn't jumped time?

2000 Malibu locked radio

I have the 3 digits pushing 2&3 - 222
And 3 digits pushing am/fm - 226

I just don't know what to do next to unlock my radio.

Thank you!

2001 Pontiac Aztek hard shifting

I have a 2001 Pontiac Aztek that shifts hard thru the gears It only does it if I stay sitting in one spot with the motor running for more then 3 or 4 min then when I take off it starts to shift hard it will stop once I turn the car off for a min or two then will drive fine until I stay sitting and running again then it's starts again any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks

Instrument lights

About a month ago, when trying to turn my lights on manually my 2003 mc ss said service car soon. Tonight I lost interior instrument panel lights but after further observation, I noticed they were just really really dim. I checked the dimmer switch and it was turned up as far as it could go. My mechanic said it sounds like a bad dimmer switch. We checked all the fuses and they were fine along with the dimmer itself which was a small turn away from turning on the dome light. Just checking to see if this is plausible or not???

91 camaro 305 engine

Cranks up but wont idle. If you hold gas down it will stay running but immediantly shuts off when you let off the gas. Can you help me? It is a throttle body engine.

Re: check engine light on

if the code you are talking about is P0306 that says you have a misfire in cylinder #6, no I don't think that your fuel gauge sender will cause that code. I don't see how only one particular cylinder would misfire because you fuel sender is inaccurate. Now that being said, stranger things have happened. If the injector wiring and the fuel sender wiring were somehow shorted or rubbed through somewhere together it might be possible they both would act up at the same time...

depending on the scanner you are using, see if you have a misfire counter so you can actually look for the misfire. see when it is acting up. if your scanner has the misfire counter ability you should graph the misfires on all the cylinders while you sit at idle then go for a drive and see if you can see when and under what conditions you have a miss.

fuel filler door

i am trying to remove the fuel filler door on my 2000 impala without destroying it any helpful hints i need to replace or repair the rust i figure it would be easier to repair on the bench thanks

Hard shifting 1st an 2nd gear code P0010

I have a 2007 Chevy Impala Lt 3.5 L reading code P0010 shifts hard thru first an second gears have a check engine lite on I have changed the camshaft positioning sensor also the plug to that sensor I have also changed the camshaft magnet stop shifting hard for a very short period of time after I chanced that now the lite is back on and the hard shifting persist please help can not keep just spending money also can not afford to pay shop prices. Thanks for reading and any help you may have! Happy 4TH

2009 Chevy Impala Rear End Noise

What could cause a pulsating grinding/roaring noise from the rear end when traveling straight and intensified when turning right? When turning left the noise stops.

2003 malibu no forward gear

i have a 2003 malibu and it goes in rev but no forward gears what can it be pls help.was driving it and shut it off and got bk in it to go and wouldnt move!

Should I need change of my car battery?

I had brought a old Equinox car last year. Yesterday it shows a problem in battery because their head lights is not lighting. When I take my car at Tiremania Auto repair shop which is our local auto repair shop, their repairer says that the battery is completely damaged. So here it is better for me to replace a new one. So asked you that should I need change of my car battery?

Re: Hard shift 1st and 2nd gear reading code P0010

sounds like you're on the right track on your diag. and yes, this can affect you shifting. When your check engine light comes on the computer will change how it reacts to your driving the vehicle. basically it goes into a default limp mode. It will substitute a value for the cam sensor since it can't depend on the readings it sees. Some cars shift different, some turn off the cruise, some cars will turn off the AC for codes that may affect power or temp.

make sure you have the right weight oil too

flaahing check engine light 2004 impala?

I have a 2004 chevy impala that the check engine light flashes above 30 mph, also chugging real bad at a idle. I have changed fuel cap, fuel filter,o2 senor, ran a bottle of fuel injector cleaner also, I am at a loss please help? :cry:

2011 Impala Reving too high before shift on hill

Trying to figure out odd shifting on 2011 impala 3500 motor with automatic- all maintenance up to date except plan to change plugs and wires soon
changed transmission fluid filter etc at 50k and recently near 100k - change not flush - first one fine in winter months but after this one the car does not like shifting on a hill - it will shift ok through the lower gears but if you are pulling a steep hill the rpms will keep going up to 3500 or 4300 before it makes the final shift - if you let off of it and put it right back to it - seems to help it shift - wondering if this could be in the plugs and wires - my first thoughts were transmission - lock up solenoid - dirt in the valve body - torque convertor - no easy fixes that I see but I would appreciate an experts opinion of the most likely cause after a fluid change and suggestions for how to figure it out - my mechanic didn't even put it on the machine just drove it and told me a fluid change would do that? FYI - I also replaced the right front hub assembly due to excessive play in the wheel on the same day as the transmission fluid change. Help Please - my dad taught me to take care of my car and I hate to let things go that can be fixed before a major failure
thanks for your time

2004 Chevy Classic 2.2 throttle issue?

After driving for awhile, and stopped at a light, it still idled but wouldn't move and throttle didn't increase. Then Rpms jumped way up, dropped back down, and car moved a little bit. It stopped again, then went again. Pulled into parking lot and put in park. Tried revving gas and it sputtered like it wasn't get enough gas. Plenty of gas and new fuel filter.