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Gas gauge goes up and down or reads empty
Learn common problems for when your gas gauge jumps around or reads empty when it is full.

How to check serpentine engine drive belt
Check your engine drive belt at regular intervals. Look for cracks in the ribs, pieces missing or worn out grooves.

How to check fuses
How to check fuses. This is the first thing that should be done whenever your vehicle has an electrical problem.
How to check fuses
How to use a digital volt ohm meter(DVOM)
to check electrical circuits.
A schematic also will be needed.

ABS Traction Light
Find out why the ABS or Traction Control light is coming on the dash of your car or trucks.
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If you're a Mustang auto enthusiast, Ford Mustang accessories from AmericanMuscle
will help take your Pony to the next level!
3.1L and 3.4L
These V6 engines are 2 of the most widely used engines in all makes of cars. If you are going to fix it yourself, ask us and view these pictures of sensor locations and their descriptions and operation to help with auto repair.
Radio Display Shows LOC
We can unlock it for you. Just follow these few simple steps to retrieve a few numbers, and we will send you the unlock code with instructions on how to fix it.
Wheels and Tires
Find out everything you wanted to know about car and truck tires. How to check them, what all those numbers and letters mean, proper rotating, example and pictures.

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In Forum: Ford Trucks

I have a Ford f150 5.4l 2005. I just did a motor swap with a motor that has 26000 miles on it. When the motor is cold it runs and sounds great. As it warms up there is a pulsating sound like a ufo (only way to explain). I changes out tensioner and put new serpentine belt. Could this possibly be my b

In Forum: All Other Car Questions

ok, the cam gears need to line up together with the crank marks lining up. You don't have to worry about compression stroke. you cam alignment will set your compression stroke. If your crank is set at the mark on the crank lived up with the mark on the block and your cams are lined up at 3 o'cloc

In Forum: Chevy S-10 Pickup

call a reputable wrecking yard in your area. they will be the ones that have all the cross reference data. Even if you call the dealers (for the most part) they won't gross reference across years and make. you could also look at http://c

In Forum: GMC Trucks

where is the noise coming from? is it the radiator fan hitting the shroud? is it the catalytic converter rattling? is it the starter gear hitting the ring gear? Is it your lifters not holding oil pressure and rattling? Is it coming from your accessory drive belt? Is it a relay? If it is some

In Forum: Chevy Trucks

when you unplug the coolant temp sensor and the map the engine will run richer. the coolant sensor unplugged will have a default unplugged sensor reading of -40F. That will make the injectors stay open longer just as if your choke was on in a carb car. But that is before your computer really kick

In Forum: Oldsmobile

that would be a thing that someone should raise the car up in the air and see where if there is oil dripping from somewhere and try to see where it originated from. Oil cooler lings or adapter gasket are common things. valve cover gaskets, oil pan, rear main, oil pressure sender, oil filter... on

In Forum: Chevy S-10 Pickup

Thank you, Carredi, I'll give it a try . I cannot believe how much damamge those mice can do ! They get into EVERYTHING ! My shop was clean until the mice moved in this last Winter. Now, I am going to have to go over every square foot of my shop, all of the boxes, etc.,all of my motorized stuff, etc