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Ford Mustang engine overhaul.
Follow our Ford Mustang 5.0L engine overhaul project. View pictures and videos from start to finish.

How to check serpentine engine drive belt
Check your engine drive belt at regular intervals. Look for cracks in the ribs, pieces missing or worn out grooves.

How to check fuses
How to check fuses. This is the first thing that should be done whenever your vehicle has an electrical problem.
How to check fuses
How to use a digital volt ohm meter(DVOM)
to check electrical circuits.
A schematic also will be needed.

ABS Traction Light
Find out why the ABS or Traction Control light is coming on the dash of your car or trucks.
For some great information and expert advice on anything related to the Ford Mustang, you can go to AmericanMuscle's tech guides section
3.1L and 3.4L
These V6 engines are 2 of the most widely used engines in all makes of cars. If you are going to fix it yourself, ask us and view these pictures of sensor locations and their descriptions and operation to help with auto repair.
Radio Display Shows LOC
We can unlock it for you. Just follow these few simple steps to retrieve a few numbers, and we will send you the unlock code with instructions on how to fix it.
Wheels and Tires
Find out everything you wanted to know about car and truck tires. How to check them, what all those numbers and letters mean, proper rotating, example and pictures.

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In Forum: Ford Cars

I think you should replace your battery. _____________ dany

In Forum: Saturn

My Saturn vue turns hard when moving at slower speeds, parking lots or turning corners at low speed. When cruising at normal speed everything is fine. The fluid level is good and belt is tight. Any ideas???

In Forum: GMC Trucks

I have a 2003 1500 with a 4.8 liter engine. The check engine light is flashing and there is a loud squealing noise until the engine warms up. After it warms up the noise goes away and the truck runs fine but the check engine light is still flashing. I know it is not a belt or pulley because i ran th

In Forum: Chevy Equinox

I replaced the broken blend door and also put a new actuator on.The problem I am having is the new actuator over rotated when I turned the tempature knob to full hot resulting in a broken actuator.I did the calibration thing where you push the ac and recirculation button three times within two secon

In Forum: Chevy Cars

nope, that's it. that probably took care of your egr flow problem.

In Forum: Honda

OK, then your engine may actually be overheating. The gauge seems to be working correctly. The key to your problem is that the heater blows cold air sometimes. This is caused by an air pocket in the cooling system. The heater core cannot transfer heat into the car from coolant with air pockets. Moh

In Forum: Ford Trucks

Check to see if you have all the power and grounds to the module before you do anything else. If they are all good you may have a bad module. You may have a bad switch but you have to start somewhere... and since the module was gone, it would be logical that they removed it because it was bad. Howev

In Forum: Dodge And Chrysler

yes, you will need to have it flashed. the dealer will need to retrieve information from your original pcm so they can transfer the info to the new pcm. info for your skim, abs, srs and vin# and mileage.